Full Denture Treatment in Toronto

Full Denture Treatment in Toronto

Your smile is a big part of your life. If you are missing teeth, you may not feel comfortable smiling or laughing in social situations. Your ability to eat and talk are impacted as well. Tooth loss can be debilitating in many ways. Dentures are a versatile solution to this problem, and they can restore your smile right away.

Located in Toronto, Denture Direct offers denture treatment for those who have lost their permanent teeth. Without your teeth, your jaw can lose strength and your remaining teeth can shift around. Dentures prevent these issues and give you back your ability to smile and talk as you did before.

Dentures Offer Positive Benefits

The most obvious benefit of choosing dentures is your brand-new smile. No one will see the gaps in your mouth anymore, and this can restore your self-confidence and help you feel more comfortable at any social gathering that you choose to attend. However, there are more benefits beneath the surface.

As mentioned, tooth loss can be damaging to your jaw and mouth. When you are missing teeth, you are missing support for your lower face. This can cause your jawbone to dwindle and affect the health of your gums and remaining teeth. Dentures can restore your face structure and offer support to your teeth and jaw so that your mouth remains healthy and strong.

Full Denture Treatment

Sometimes, you need more than just a few placeholders for the gaps in your mouth. Full denture treatment entails creating a full set of teeth that can be removed from your mouth. While in use, they will suction to your gums and stay in place while you talk, eat, or laugh. When you need to clean them, they can be removed entirely. This can be an excellent option for those who are not eligible for dental implants.

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