Emergency Denture Repair in Toronto

Emergency Denture Repair in Toronto

A broken denture, much like broken eyeglasses, is an emergency worthy of immediate attention. So why would you put up with cracked dentures or chipped and broken artificial teeth, for one moment longer than absolutely necessary? Many denture wearers would rather endure the discomfort of broken dentures than risk sending their teeth away for repair for an extended period. Others are afraid of the high prices associated with denture repairs.

Great news: Dentures Direct now offers denture repairs while you wait – usually in about an hour! And because the work is performed right in our on-site lab, there is no outsourcing for parts or labour, which dramatically reduces the cost to you.

What to Do When Your Denture Breaks…an Emergency Repair

It may be tempting to try one of the denture repair kits on the market, or even Superglue! Unfortunately, the DIY approach often causes even more problems by rendering the denture uncomfortable to wear and impossible to professionally repair again. It’s always best to leave denture repair to a qualified professional who has the equipment, materials and know-how to make a lasting, quality repair. And it’s important to get the denture fixed right away, before more damage can occur, and before the broken denture can cause irritation to your mouth and gums.

The staff at Dentures Direct suggests that you keep all the broken pieces together, and bring them in. We will examine the break and advise you on repair options and cost so you can make an educated decision about what repair or replacement solution would best suit your needs.

Denture Repair Toronto – Our repair team works while you relax

Denture repairs in about an hour? Yes! While you unwind at a nearby café or relax in our comfortable waiting room, our repair team can fix cracked or fractured dentures, do relines, repair or replace artificial teeth, and remove stains. Our repair procedures include:

Problem Solution
Bone and/or tooth loss Relining of the denture. An impression of your mouth is made with the denture in place, and new acrylic material is added to correct the fit.
Broken, weakened or old denture base Rebase. The existing teeth remain in the same place, but the entire acrylic base material is replaced.
Cracked denture The cracks are treated so new acrylic can be added; the repaired base is cured, finished and polished
Tooth has fallen off and is lost A new tooth is matched and ground, the replacement area is ground, and the tooth is mechanically attached. Acrylic is added to replace the gum.
Tooth needs to be added on a partial A tooth is chosen to match the remaining teeth, ground, and a mechanical retention added. Pink acrylic is added to replace the gum.

Because our team has decades of combined experience working with dentures and dental implants, we, provide the best emergency denture repair in Toronto, can usually perform these repairs in about an hour in our full-service lab – so you can pick them up quickly and get on with your day.

Emergency Denture Repair in Toronto

If your denture breaks, don’t wait; Dentures Direct gives priority to clients who need emergency denture repair, even if you got your dentures somewhere else. We understand that your dentures should be given the same excellent care as your natural teeth, so we are committed to assisting you with prompt, friendly, knowledgeable service when you call us for denture maintenance or repair.

Don’t let a broken denture cause one more moment of embarrassment or discomfort. Contact Dentures Direct for denture repair while you wait.

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