At Dentures Direct, your denture clinic in Toronto, patient satisfaction is our top priority – and it’s just not possible without delivering very high quality dental care and great service. These two concepts first come into play during your initial consultation, where we’ll take a full medical and dental history from you, and examine your current natural teeth, gums and mouth, as well as any false teeth you may already have. At this point we may need to talk about removable partial dentures that will bridge any gaps in your smile that may be bothering you.

Of course, it’s possible that your exam results will show that a different service would better meet your dental care needs. Perhaps you’ll choose to go with implant retained dentures, which behave closest to natural teeth; maybe conventional full dentures are a better bet for your budget, or perhaps you just need a couple of crowns. At our Etobicoke denture clinic, we provide everything from basic preventative care and counselling on how to get the most out of your dentures to referring you to a professionals in dental surgery and complete dental reconstruction. We custom-craft all our crowns right on the premises, at our state of the art lab. For your convenience, we also accept most insurance plans and offer affordable dentures for just about any budget.

But now, back to one common solution for Dentures Direct patients: the removable, partial denture.

What are Removable Partial Dentures?

As the name implies, removable dentures can and should be removed by the wearer; but unlike full dentures, which are held in place by suction from your cheeks, tongue and palate, partial dentures connect to existing teeth via attachments or clasps that aren’t easily visible, so the partial denture looks just like the natural teeth surrounding it. But what does it feel like?

Like any prosthetic, removable partials take some time to get used to. They may feel chunky or bulky in your mouth, or difficult to put in and take out, or uncomfortable rubbing against your mouth and gums while you eat. Here are some do’s and don’ts when you have first been fitted with removable partial dentures.

The DO’s When It Comes to Partial Dentures:

  • Follow your denturist’s advice on how long to leave your denture in. Some dentists advocate wearing your partials around the clock at first, just to identify any potential areas for adjustment right away (if it’s uncomfortable or chafing, you’ll find out sooner if you wear it longer)
  • See your denturist Toronto if your removable partial denture feels loose or is causing sores
  • Start out by eating softer foods that are cut into smaller pieces, as you get used to eating with your partials
  • Practice speaking, laughing and yawning at home if you feel awkward doing these things with your partials
  • Clean and brush your dentures daily to ensure food deposits, stains and plaque are removed.

The DON’Ts When It Comes to Partial Dentures:

  • Chew gum until you’re totally used to your partials
  • Force your partial denture into position by biting down on it – you could break or damage the delicate clasps
  • Use toothpaste or harsh household cleansers to clean your dentures – you can use mild soap or dishwashing liquid, or a specially formulated cleaner
  • Forget to keep your partial denture moist by soaking it overnight in warm (never hot) water or specially formulated solution
  • Gargle or brush with a denture cleanser – keep all denture cleaning solutions in a container specially designed to hold your denture.


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