Our Team

Damien Hiorth DD, Denturist Toronto

Damien Hiorth DD, a denturist in Toronto, is a Graduate of the Denturism Program at George Brown College. Damien has fully immersed himself in this field since his graduation in 2002. During his 22 years of practice, Damien has diversified his professional attention to three key areas.

Firstly, he is the owner and founder of Dentures Direct, an Etobicoke, Ontario Implant Denture Clinic. Damien services his local neighbourhood and surrounding areas with his skill in the fitment, design and fabrication of implant retained dentures and other dental solutions. Damien works closely with local dental surgeons (dentists) who rely on his expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes to their patients, especially on difficult complete lower dentures. As part of his outstanding service as the best denturist in Toronto, Damien offers free consultations, without the need of a referral, to discover the many solutions to your denture fitment problem.

Furthermore, Damien is dedicated to the regulation of the profession of Denturism through his membership in and service at the College of Denturists of Ontario (CDO). Damien has been instrumental in ushering in the next generation of professional standards for Denturism in the province of Ontario as a committee member of Quality Assurance (Panel B) for the past two years. In addition, Damien is a currently a member of the Registration Committee at the CDO. His past contributions and commitments include active participation and membership in both the Discipline and Patient Relations Committees at the College (CDO).

Finally, Damien’s third area of diversification is in education. Damien has the privilege of teaching and training Canada’s future denturists through his position as both Clinical and Implant Professor in the Denturism Program at Georgian College. This is coupled with Damien’s additional positions as Clinical Instructor and Partial Denture Instructor in Toronto’s Oxford College Denturism Program.

Next on Damien’s list of professional goals is the publication of a textbook. Damien’s objective is to produce a clinical/laboratory textbook geared towards student Denturists worldwide. Only time will tell what’s next on his ever-expanding professional agenda.

Caroline Brunelle, Treatment Coordinator

Caroline is a friendly and efficient first point of contact for patients as they enter the clinic. Her warm and welcoming demeanor has earned her a reputation for being one of the most approachable and personable receptionists in the field. Patients appreciate her ability to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable during what can often be a stressful experience.

Her attention to detail and exceptional communication skills make her a valuable member of the clinic's team. Patients appreciate her thoroughness, and she is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that patients have a positive experience. Her commitment to providing exceptional customer service has helped to build a loyal patient base for the clinic.

Jason Conway, Lab Technician

As a lab technician, Jason is responsible for creating custom-made dentures that meet the specific needs and preferences of each patient. He works closely with the denturist to ensure that every denture is crafted with precision and accuracy, resulting in a comfortable and natural-looking smile for each patient.

Jason is known for his attention to detail and his commitment to providing the highest level of quality in every denture he creates. He takes great pride in his work and is dedicated to ensuring that every patient who walks through the clinic's doors leaves with a smile that they can be proud of.

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