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You’ve probably heard all your life to brush your teeth, floss, and see the Dentist every six months. But now you have dentures, and your Dentist is talking about a Denturist.

What is a Denturist exactly?

A Denturist is a professional who has obtained a certification or diploma in the study of creating and maintaining customized dentures. Sure, this sounds like a pretty specific field, but the service they give to the community is necessary and helpful.

What Can A Denturist Do?

Can a Denturist inspect my remaining teeth or gums?


A Dentist will still need to examine and x-ray your remaining teeth and gums, even after you get dentures.

But if you’re having trouble with your dentures, such as getting a good fit or properly aligned bite, your Denturists at Dentures Direct can repair and refit the prosthetic device.

Can’t A Regular Dentist Do Those Things?

The short answer to that question is, “Yes, but…”

… your Dentist has a different perspective.

… your Dentist will have to send to an outside lab for your dentures.

… your Dentist won’t be able to troubleshoot fit problems as well.

… your Dentist is more concerned about the health of your natural teeth and gums than working with acrylic.

None of that is to downplay the active role of a Dentist in the health of your smile.

But think of it like this:

If you feel like you have a health problem, you see your general practitioner first. When you find out your diagnosis, a really good doctor will recognize that a specialist will be more able to take care of you from that point on.

It’s the same with a Dentist and a Denturist. Your Dentist is irreplaceable for caring for your teeth and gums. But once dentures enter the picture, a denture expert is the better choice for fitting, installing, and repairing your prosthesis.

Why Choose Dentures Direct Implant Denture Clinic?

In Toronto, Dentures Direct is an onsite denture and implant clinic. Our lab is onsite and staffed by in-house personnel.

We work with excellent Oral Surgeons for implants; you’ll be able to have your implants placed and dentures made and installed.

We can also provide snap-on dentures as well as full and partial dentures.

As Denturists, our education is focused solely on dentures: how they’re made, how they fit, how to repair them, and correcting the fit after the passage of time.

We don’t manage other dental procedures and practices.

This works to your advantage because you’re not paying for our knowledge about other dental specialties!

Further, our on-site lab will only be working on dentures, not veneers and orthodontic trays and regular crowns.

This often gives us a quicker turn-around than the standard dental office!

Comprehensive Denture Services in Toronto

Damien Hiorth, DD and owner of Dentures Direct, is committed to three things: providing high-quality services through his practice at Dentures Direct, the standard of regulation of Denturism in Canada, and educating the upcoming generations of Denturists.

In each of these commitments, he remains true to his responsibility to each patient that trusts Dentures Direct to provide excellent denture care.

This ranges from providing free consultations for new patients who need dentures, to coordinating treatment with referring Dentists and Oral Surgeons to ensure their patients can receive care in one comfortable setting.

Which Dentures Do You Provide?

We offer several denture solutions to our Toronto patients, depending on their needs:

Partial Dentures for the patient with a few small gaps, but otherwise healthy teeth. This may be perfect for an athlete with a couple missing teeth, or someone who has been in an accident. Partials clasp into place around your healthy, existing teeth.

Full Dentures, either upper, lower, or both together are a great option for patients who have been steadily losing teeth over several years. Over time, the jaw bone may narrow and become too thin and brittle to place an implant.

But traditional denture that sits over your gums can allow you to talk, smile, and eat again!

The Denturists at Dentures Direct can make sure that the acrylic base is comfortable and that the denture crowns line up well with your natural bite so that they look right in your mouth.

Implant Hybrids: There are two kinds of denture and implant hybrids: Permanent implant dentures (sometimes referred to as “All-On-Four”) and implant retained overdentures.

Both hybrids require the assistance of an Oral Surgeon to insert the dental implants.

Permanent Dentures are installed immediately and act as your natural teeth. They are stable and allow you full motion, speech, and taste. Snap-Ins usually allow a healing time for your implants.

The denture is very stable for eating and speaking, but it can (and should) be removed daily for cleaning.

Can A Denturist Help If My Dentures Are Worn or Broken?

Yes! At Dentures Direct, we can help you have a better bite if your dentures are worn, and repairs will happen in our on-site lab.

In cases where your dentures have sustained years of wear, it’s not always necessary to replace them.

Our team may be able to reline them to provide additional height in your crowns or in the base.

Broken dentures are a little more difficult, but the technicians in our denture lab are more than capable of mending your prosthetic teeth.

Either way, before you leave with your fixed teeth, we will check the fit in your mouth to make sure you won’t be getting any painful spots on your gums from pressure/rubbing, or experience excess movement.

Toronto Dentures Made Simple

If you’ve come to the point where you need dentures, ask your Dentist about using a Denturist. Better yet, call Dentures Direct Implant Denture Clinic for a free consultation!

We’ll work with your Dentist to coordinate your implant procedure and help make getting new dentures an easy process!

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