The ultimate solution for loose dentures — implant retained dentures

Have you heard of inventions that are said to be ‘the best thing since sliced bread’? Well, no one ever said that about denture adhesives. Denture adhesives are pastes, powders or pads that can be placed on dentures to help them stay in place. Technically, properly fitted dentures should be a perfect fit for your mouth, but over time, dentures tend to become loose as the jaw bone shrinks. When this happens, you can take your dentures in to be relined or rebased – or even replaced altogether – but some people find that denture adhesives help keep the loose dentures in place just fine.

There is a catch, however, besides the messiness of the pastes and the unnatural taste of the adhesive: some denture adhesives contain zinc, a mineral that is naturally occurring in some foods and supplements but which, if too much is consumed, can lead to nerve damage in the hands and feet over time. Overusing zinc-containing denture adhesives can, according to the US Food & Drug Administration, contribute to an excess of zinc in your body. Chronic overuse of denture paste can lead to reactions including nerve damage, numbness and tingling; it’s recommended that people should use these pastes very sparingly to prevent overdosing (a small tube of denture adhesive should last two months!), and check with their dental care professional if they are not sure what amount to use.

A better solution to the problem of loose dentures

If you’re tired of messing around with dangerous pastes, or just dealing with the embarrassment of loose dentures, there is a better way – implant retained dentures. Considered miraculous by thrilled patients, implant retained dentures can be securely affixed to your mouth in just one day. Unlike conventional dentures, they aren’t removable except by your dentist, which means no more soaking every night; you can sleep in your dentures, and they help maintain the stability of your jaw and facial structure 24 hours a day just like the teeth you were born with. Unlike natural teeth, however, which are susceptible to decay, implant retained dentures are designed to enhance your smile for a lifetime.

How do implant retained dentures work? In a nutshell, titanium posts are first surgically implanted into the jaw. Depending on the number of teeth you wish to replace, you might need the posts to be implanted strategically in different places throughout the mouth, or if you are replacing the entire upper or lower arch, you might be a candidate for the patented All-On-4 technique, whereby the entire denture is supported by just 4 titanium posts.

No more loose dentures – ever!

Implant retained dentures, also known as implant supported dentures or permanent dentures, are so different from traditional dentures, they can’t even be compared. They really look, feel and behave like part of your mouth. Yet despite all their incredible benefits, some will still feel nervous about getting dental implants because the procedure is invasive – surgery is required. Consider these facts about implant retained dentures:

No wonder permanent implant retained dentures have been called the ultimate dental solution available today! Go back to eating any bread you want – baguette, pumpernickel, or sliced – with dentures that look and feel just like the real thing.

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