The Benefits of an All on Four Denture

Unlike other things you can do to recapture your youthful look, like colouring your hair, getting Botox injections, or using pricey serums…permanent replacement teeth are an excellent investment in beauty that won’t fade away in a week, a month or a year. Your new smile will last a lifetime, and best of all, you can have it in only a day! This is one of the biggest advantages of the all on four denture. There are many others – read on to find out why we think this procedure has revolutionized the world of cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth in a Day

If you already are a denture wearer, perhaps you marveled at the fact that you could have replacement teeth the same day you got your extractions. Perhaps by now you are completely used to the feel of a pair of dentures in your mouth, maybe fitting them with the help of adhesives; you’ve settled into the routine of soaking and cleaning and going in for periodic adjustments. But whether you’re an old hand at the denture routine, or whether you shudder at the thought of wearing dentures, you should know there is a significantly improved alternative out there: comfortable, secure teeth that will replace the need for dentures, with all their attendant inconvenience, forever! All this only takes a single day to achieve.

No More Dentures

You can say goodbye to sore spots, slippery moving parts, and having your palate covered by a denture. The all on four technique affixes a complete set of replacement teeth to titanium posts that are implanted in your gums while you sleep, pain-free. You can go home with permanent dentures the same day you came in, and resume your normal diet and activities within a couple of days. Because all on four dentures are implanted, you can eat all the ‘forbidden’ foods – hard, crunchy, chewy, sticky – without worrying about your teeth falling out or food getting stuck underneath them. Even in social settings, you can eat without fear that someone will notice you are wearing a denture. You will come to think of your all on four implants as your own teeth because they are your own teeth.

How the all on four procedure works

You may have been told you’re not a candidate for dental implants because there is not enough bone in your jaw to sustain and hold the implants. This is normal when you have lived without natural teeth for a long period of time – the teeth serve as placeholders and anchors of your jaw, so without them, your jaw bone shrinks and may not be able to support implants. But as the name suggests, the all on four dental implant technique suspends a full set of teeth on only 4 implants. Most people have enough viable bone to support just 4 implants. Your denturist will perform a full health and dental exam to make sure you’re a good candidate for this safe, typically successful procedure.

Once the surgery is a go, you will find that the aftermath is nothing like you would expect. Most clients report a little soreness, tenderness and swelling – nothing major. The discomfort is far outweighed by the incredible results. As long as you take good care of your gums going forward, you shouldn’t experience any problems…and of course, you’ll never develop a cavity again. Not to mention the fact that the implants, once fused to your bone, will stimulate bone health and growth, just like your natural teeth did.

Discover the benefits of an all on four denture for yourself! Ask your dentist about the all on four procedure today.

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