Implant Supported Dentures Are Easier Than You Think!

When individuals come to the point of replacing their teeth, they often think that their only options are getting traditional dentures or implants. In many cases, the two of them can be combined. Although some people think implants are a cosmetic procedure, they’re actually a restorative necessity that can tremendously improve your smile and quality of life.

Now, modern dentures are nothing to be unhappy with. They restore function and beauty to your teeth, helping you feel more confident with a healthy-looking smile. But if you have an irregularly shaped jaw, bone loss, or “tori” (bony growth in your mouth,) you may have more difficulty stabilizing and feeling comfortable in a traditional overdenture.

Thanks to modern dentistry, there is an option that merges the best of both worlds, allowing our Toronto denture patients to have a durable and secure denture, stabilized by an implant.

Custom Dentures in Toronto

Traditional dentures are typically a resin base with dental crowns that rests on the lower gums and held into your mouth by creating a suction against your gum tissue. They are a great solution to tooth loss for many people. But if the loss happens at a younger age or our patient has a peculiarly shaped jaw or palate, a different long-term denture solution may be a better choice.

The Implant Intervention

Implant retained dentures work differently. Yes, they replace all of the teeth at once, but they take up much less space inside of your mouth. Though the crowns are still resting in a resin base, they are fixed in the mouth by a set of implants. This characteristic provides several benefits over traditional dentures.

Implant Retained Dentures in Toronto

When you get to the point that you need to have dentures, or if you’re ready to make a positive change for the sake of stability, Dentures Direct Implant Denture Clinic can help. A consultation is just the beginning to changing the way you chew! Here are some things you should know about the process of getting implant retained dentures in Toronto.

Implants Take Time to Heal

Whether you’re getting individual implants or dentures retained by implants, the process can take upwards of six months to a year, depending on your specific situation.

Why so long? We have to allow time for healing and implant integration with your body. Moving directly from tooth extraction to implants is the quickest way to having functioning teeth again. Even then, it can take six months for the implants to bond or osseointegrate with the jaw bone. You need them to integrate to provide permanent stability. The force you use for biting and chewing can damage the implants and your jaw if not allowed to heal fully before attaching the denture.

Low Bone Density Can Be Overcome

If you’ve been wearing dentures for a while, your jaw may have lost some of its bone mass. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have implants, but it does mean there’s an extra step:

Bone grafting.

In some cases, we can use sterile bone granules, in other cases, we need to take a small sampling of bone from elsewhere in your body, like the back of your jaw or even the hip. Any bone graft can increase the total time by up to six months, but having a stable bite and a confident smile is worth it!

Toronto Denture Specialist Moves Your Smile to The Future

Are you ready to make the change to implant retained dentures? Whether you’re looking at a first denture, or you want to improve your current dental experience, you need a qualified and experienced denture specialist to provide the best care.

In Toronto, the best denturist team at Denture Direct is here to provide comprehensive and gentle care for your smile. Whether you want to change to implant retained dentures or simply adjust the fit of your current prosthesis, our providers are happy to assist you.

Contact our Etobicoke clinic for a free consultation with our team and find out how well dentures could work for you!

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