Dentures Can Make Your Smile Beautiful Again!

You’re getting dentures and wondering what it’s like to get them for the first time, aren’t’ you?

The desire and search for beauty are everywhere these days.

From the entertainment news media to social media, movies, magazines, vlogs, blogs, and even books: everyone is chasing beauty. Quite a bit of what you find will have more to do with makeup; it changes with the seasons and years, it’s relatively inexpensive, and easily washed off. But there is also a side that focuses on permanent changes to your body for beauty’s sake.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry procedures continue to increase as people search for a better, more perfect look.

There’s really nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. It helps your level of confidence; when you feel more beautiful, you look more beautiful.

This is as true with your teeth as it is with your face or your body.

Get A Great Smile In Toronto

Dentures have long been thought of as utilitarian and unattractive.

Older versions have a factory look to them – all the same regardless of the size of the mouth.

But with modern technology, its possible to make dentures look so much like natural teeth that a casual observer will never know the difference.

The best part?

Your dentures won’t have any of the major or minor imperfections of your natural teeth!

More Than Beauty

Dentures can help you regain your confidence when you smile when you talk, and when you eat. We all know that though dentures may help your smile, they also keep you looking, sounding, and feeling younger while they protect your health.

Eating and Nutrition. When you don’t have enough teeth, and the teeth you have don’t line up the way you should, eating can be problematic. You start having to cut up all your food, take small bites, and only chew on one side of your mouth. You may even feel like you have to move to a diet full of things that are smooth and easy to swallow without chewing. But no one really wants to be on a pudding diet for the rest of their life! Not only is that a little boring, it is also less nutritious! Even when you get vitamin supplementation in your soft food diet, you get better nutrition when you are able to eat real, whole foods. With a denture, especially an implant retained denture, you will be freer to enjoy your food again. Once you learn how to keep a removable denture in your mouth and learn to eat with dentures correctly, there’s not a lot you won’t be able to enjoy!

Speaking. Think about the way you say the letters of the alphabet. Sure, the vowels are easy, open sounds, but recall the way you make the sound for C, G/J, L, S, and especially T. All those sounds, and others, require teeth. Without teeth, your speech may become a slurred, lisping, and hissing cacophony. Dentures allow you to speak clearer and more natural.

Facial Structure. Your teeth support your cheeks and keep your jawbones strong. Without your teeth, you begin to lose bone mass in your jaw and your cheeks will sink in for a hollowed out look. While standard dentures can correct the hollows under your cheeks, only implants or implant retained dentures can maintain bone density.

Restore Your Smile!

When it’s time to start investigating replacing one tooth or a full arch you have lots of options; dentures are usually the most cost-effective choice. Don’t let the misconceptions of older denture styles keep you from getting the care and treatment you need. The #1 Denturists in Toronto at Dentures Direct Implant Denture Clinic can help create an aesthetically pleasing smile full of straight, even, white teeth.

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